My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Yesterday's News...

I arrived home yesterday after a nice afternoon of reflexology and massage from my pal Konetta to find Jef already home. It turns out that his boss decided his time was up and he let him go. Bam- Just like that.

Oh sure, we know when he went to work as the manager that this was a ticking time-bomb of a job. Mr. G has a grand tendency towards firing employees for no particular reason. We rode the money train as far as it would go, and in the great words of Jimmy Buffett, "Don't try to explain it, just bow your head. Breathe in, breathe out, move on."

So that is officially yesterday's news! Not the first time this situation has happened in his line of work... first time was 4 years ago. And if he continues to pursue being a parts manager, then it will continue this cycle.

On to today:

It's raining, it's cold, and it's just bleh out. Jef will be heading out soon to job hunt. I can almost guarantee he'll find something today... that's just how he is. I think we're gonna load up the car and ride with him to go talk to some pals he has- in and out of the car biz. Personally, I think this is all a sign to move to the next adventure. He got the parts manager job as we were TTC- and the money and schedule saw us through it all. Now that we have the extra money stashed, bills paid up, and the house refinanced... the next step in life is calling. I actually slept the best I'd slept in a LONG time last nite, because as Jef says- we dont have to wonder "when" any more.

Life is an open book of possibilities now. There are no limitations or presets. Everything is fresh again. And this isnt the end of the world. It's just a job, after all. Our love is strong, our children are healthy, and we have come prepared to class for this time in our life. My job is to stand by my hummy-bades and encourage.

I've said it before, but I will reitterate:

Everything in life happens for a reason. We dont know the reasons, we just have to accept it as the will of a higher power and find the road we are supposed to be on. There are shifts and dissapointments for the same reasons there are boring, routine days and excitement. You find out who you can depend on, and who can depend on you. And above all, you see life for what it really is: a never-ending journey.

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Anonymous said...

Such wisdom! I actually look forward to those times in life, when you get the chance to completely alter your life direction. The last time brought us to Washington from Arizona, and boy was that a great move. I look at life as a series of opportunities to discover new things. Who knows where this will lead you, but you have the right attitude about it.