My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Bad blogger, no biscuit!!

Ok, I am a bad, bad girl. I have not blogged in half a month... Do let me catch you up:

The 928 (Jef's car) is still here... no takers yet. That's ok- He loves that dumb car and I know he doesnt want to part with his "paperweight".

I've been working on a loan (I'm a mortgage originator, shhhh! Dont tell!) for a month now. It isnt that hard of a deal, but I have to go thru so many people to get crap done. The buyer (my loan-chick) has to call the seller's neighbor who calls the seller who calls her husband... and they are both in Florida. Then it all has to trickle back thru that mess to me. It's kind of become like the teenage party game "rumor" where 20 silly girls in pajamas sit in a circle, one whispers a short story, and they see what's changed by the time it gets back around the group. Needless to say, it's a hunk of garbeldy-goop (that is a mortgage term, promise). Then there is my broker- she's getting divorced, and is not much help. My processor is working for 3 different companies. I just keep wondering WHY I am doing this again. Then I remember: It's all about the Benjamins!!!

We're expecting another ice storm tomorrow. Weird, I'm only writing when there's a chance of frozen precip here lately! This time, it might be for real. It looks ookie on the weather maps, and all the Weather Channel folks have their panties in a wad about it-- so we shall see how it all goes.

And by the way, what the heck happened to all the pretty weather women? They used to all be young, then they were all preggo, and now they are all old and hideous. And NO it's not cause they had kids... they got all new women and they are just hags. Come on people-- it's not for my sake!! My Jeffie gets all hot and bothered for the weather women- or used to. I'm never gonna get any nookie at this rate. I'm going to have to let him start watching Sandra Lee on Semi-Homemade again (Food Network). He swears he didnt know she cooked on that show "like forever". More like til I pointed it out. The only things in that show that are "semi-homemade" are her massive boobs... think "25% homemade/75% implant". Oh well, at least she's non-stick with all that silicone.

Trust me, I'm not knocking the store bought blouse-bunnies here (that sounded mildly obscene, hehe!), I'm just biding my time til I can have some too. Maybe I will get my own cooking show after that... hummmm!!!!

Have fun gang!!!~~~


Bad weather thats not so bad

In this part of Georgia ice storms are just a part of life. We usually get only one per winter, but when they blow thru they tend to be brutal. We're still pretty rural, so we can always expect power to be out for days. The last storm that came thru left us without power for almost a week. This morning we were expecting the roads to ice over and have some nasty weather, but other than a little bit of icing on bridges and overpasses, there's nothing here to speak of (unless you count the icecycles on jef's VW bus).

Jef also has a Porsche 928. I know, what a spoiled little hubby! The windshield got busted a long while back, and since he doesnt drive it much we've let it sit. Plus, we have a running joke about it being a very expensive paperweight-- it always seems to have something wrong with it, and doesnt make it out of the driveway much. It's such a fickle car that someone once described it as being like "having a pregnant wife and a pregnant girlfriend at the same time, and both of them are bitching at you".

Long story short, Jef has decided to sell it. He's had his fun, it still has a payment attached, and it hasnt been driven in months. So, considering Porsche windshields are $1200+, we called our insurance company and they hooked us up for $250! Tonite, we clean it out, and goodbye paperweight!

Well, that's about all the news that is news for now.


Shout out to My Pal Tracey

Life is too short not to appreciate your friends... and although I have never met Tracey in person, she is one of the best friends I have ever had! She made the first contact- offering to keep everyone up to date on the message boards we frequent as to when and how Ava made her grand appearance. She did just that- and I am so thankful.

Flashback: My water broke at around 10:15 on a Monday night... I showered and called Tracey. Keep in mind that this is the first time we ever spoke in person! She was all like "Who is this Southern voice I hear?! (She had such a great Valley Girl Accent)" I immediately became intimidated (Never told you that-- I guess you know now, right T?) because of all my attributes, my deep Southern drawl is my least favorite. We chatted a few, I told her the details I knew at the time (something like "oh dookie my water broke, I'm heading to the hospital, tell everyone!") and I signed off. Ava was born, and four months later here we are- still jabbering like we've known each other forever.

Let me tell you this: I am such a social little butterfly. I was a shy kid, but now- I'll talk to anyone! On the other hand, I'm still such a shy little chickie, it's almost pathetic. What a condundrum, ey? Nonetheless, Tracey and I have carried on an online friendship to the point that it's unreal how much we know each other and how much we are alike.

Here's the skinny: Her sister is named Debbie-- Jef had a sister named Deby (who knows less about me than Debbie!). I was a single mom (although I was married technically, but when you see that person less than once a week it doesn't count). Tracey is a go getter-- and when I can overcome my bouts of shyness so am I! We love animals- Sassy T has a dog and a cat (and they are SOOO cute- check out her post!) and so do I! Although my mom has the yorkie in the family, mom's dog Gidget and Tracey's dog Bessie are just so similar... more than a co-inkie-dink I believe. I always saw mom's dog as my "seester". Haha! Cats are so me too-- just ask Chip, my gato. Then there is the inherent love of cloves... ok, so maybe that's an inside joke! By any means- Sassy T is my kindred spirit. And doggone her butt, she's a west-coastie and I'm an east-coastie. I guess brillance needs to be kept at a certain distance!! Heaven knows we'd take over the world if we were meshed together!

Well chickie-poo, this blog is for you (Glass clinks, my hand holds a nice, yet affordable, glass of white wine high in the sky up to you!). CHEERS!!

Although we have never met face to face, you are such an inspiration to me. You dare to go where I have feared to tread. You believe in yourself where I cannot see myself as going. You are a sister, a friend, and a wonderful kindred-spirit to me. You're my better half, set free in wine country with the willpower not to drink all the fruit of the vine. You are a true friend- Thank you, for all you are and all you do!



27 + One For The Road

Welcome to a new year and another birthday for yours truly. I'm the big 2-8! Ok, so there's nothing big about 28, but I'm cool with that. Time just seems to be zipping by- and I feel soooo out of the loop sometimes.

Well, big J is crusin along at his new job. He hates it... but hey, it'll pay the bills (we hope). And on the bright side (smell the sarcasm?) I got the brainy idea to get a job. At a conveniant store. What the hell am i thinking? I just filled out an application today, so we'll see. At least it's part-time. I know they will hire anyone who can pass a background check. Considering how many years I did mortgage, that's not a prob (they check them yearly or more). Good grief, I never even got written up in school (like- ever!). I am such a goodie two shoes. Or, maybe I just dont get caught.

Well, I hope berrymom and Ethan Earl are resting well, bonding, and generally falling in love with each other! It's been a long road for her with the GD, etc.-- but I'm sure she feels it's worth it all now!

I got some laundry done today! I know, major accomplishment there right?! I made the effort and I feel better about it- at least something felt complete. Also, I took the gift card mom gave me and bought the chest of drawers at wally-world I have been needing. My closet is OUT of room. Even if it just held my stuff, it'd be a tight fit. Add big J's crap (I mean nice stuff) and it's packed like 10 lbs of dookie in a 5 lb bag! This will definately help me out!

I even helped my dad out today (mom watched Ava) at his booth at the flea market. He sells ice cream there, and he unplugged the coolers to thaw them. We used the wet-vac and cleaned them good, then mopped the floor (we made a mess). We were done in less than an hour, and it felt great to get out and do a little hard work.

I keep wondering why I'm so pooped out today... then I remember-- after all that I came home, made a pot of chili from scratch and let it simmer, took Faith to tutoring, got gas for the car, bought a S'mores Cappuccino, got Faith from the tutor, then did homework with Faith for an hour! I've nursed Ava twice during all this, mind you. I caught up on emails, couldnt get my yahoo messenger to work (still) so I ran to moms (literally, across the yard I jogged with Ava and Faith in tow) then, Jef got home and we ate supper, and Ava nursed again. Now, after Jef asked if I had blogged lately (in all my spare time-- wink!) so I jumped back on the computer and here I am. Whew- I think I will take a nice warm shower and head to bed early tonite! I deserve it~

Blinkie of the day (all for Sassy T!!):


007.... The Year 007, that is!

What a difference a year makes!

The question was, "Will we ever have a baby?"
The answer is, "YES!". Ava is here, growing like a crazy little weed (in 6-9 months size clothes at 3 months), and is the blessing of my life!

Tomorrow is the end of an era here... big J goes back to work. Sure, I can insert a boo and a hiss here, but I suppose we do have to pay some bills in the near future. I'm gonna miss my guy... he's been such a big help to me with Ava and in general around the house. He's my best friend- I'm going to have to stay really busy to keep from being lonely. I suppose the house will be clean for a while - on the upside.

We had a rather uneventful New Years Eve... Jef went to sleep around 11 and we didnt crack open the nice bottle of bubbly we had bought. That's ok though- sometimes sleep is more important, and 2007 managed to find its way here without our help!

Ava has started sleeping in her big-girl bed. She fills up the bassinet, so it was off to her room. She's sleeping most of the way through the nite... from about 8-9 pm until 5-6am. The only problem with this is that my boobs haven't gotten the memo that they are "off duty" during the long spans of slumber. I have officially stopped wearing a nursing bra to bed (3 months in a bra for 24/7 and I'm on strike folks). Usually, I can make it through the nite without a "blow out". However, lately I have been sleeping on my side and the shear force of gravity encourages my milk to let down. This inevitably leads to me waking up thinking I've either fell into a puddle, or that I am one of the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. If I do manage to wake up and discover that my adult film star breasts aren't leaking yet, I go pump. I tend to get company in the kitchen when I make my 4am pump... Jef seems to have a radar for engorgement. There's nothing like being tormented and oogled in the coldness of the kitchen at that gosh-awful time of the morning.

I've been slack at blogging lately... I just feel like the last of '06 slipped by so fast. I'm ready to start off 2007 with my birthday. I'm turning 28 this year... or in "Aradia-Time" I'm 22 again (You count to 25, then start going backwards)!

My New Years Resolution: All the usual ones apply to me I guess... Lose weight, exercise more, etc. My real goal is to see 2008 in as a "still breastfeeding" mom. Hopefully, Ava wont wean herself too soon. I was of the mindset to wean at around 1 year, but I'm just going to let her ride the boobie-wave as long as she wants. I never knew such hard work could be so much fun!

Happy New Year to All!!!