My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


White Christmas!

A white Christmas... here? Haha- Yeah, right! Only if it's like this:

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My Christmas Spirit is improving, but only slightly. The gift (the one and only gift) I ordered Jef will probablly NOT make it by Christmas. I would tell you, my loyal readers, what I got that sweet man-o-mine, but he reads here too. So you will all have to wait in suspense with him!

Faith and my dad are on their way back from Universal Studios today. She has slept most of the car ride, which is good for dad. Ava has been sleeping less and less during the day, and recently learned a new trick- fighting sleep! She's finally down for the afternoon (maybe) and I'm catching up here, wrapping the gifts I do have, and the like.

I got into a baking mood yesterday. I am normally not a baker- measuring is my achillies heel. But, with a little Betty Crocker cookie mix, I can be a pro too! I used cookie cutters to make stars, snowmen, Santa, angels, trees, etc. I also frosted and sprinkled them up with colored sugar. Then I ate half of them... Chef's priviledge!

If I don't make it back to the blog by Christmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! May you and yours enjoy the peace of the season, eat your fill, and maybe even sneak an afternoon nap in with your favorite snuggle bunny!





Just another day here gang-

Jef will be starting work again after the 1st of the year. I'm gonna miss that sucker- I just had gotten used to him being away so much, and now I'll have to do it all over again. He's heading back into the world of cars again at another local dealership. I'm happy, really I am. I'm just ready for a set schedule for a change. He'll work every Saturday, but be off Sundays and Mondays... Not too shabby!

I had a great facial today with Konetta. She sent me home with a "mushy" x-mas card. She said something about new adventures and had "Utah" in parenthesis... does this mean she's off towards the west coast permanatly, or for a mini-vacation? I guess I'm gonna have to call that chickie and ask her what's up. It's a long drive to Utah for a facial and reflexology!

The weather turned off awful again. Ok, so in all fairness, it's not awful. It's 50 and cool and might rain. But compared to mid 70's, clear skys and a light breeze like yesterday, it's pretty dissapointing. My mood is suffering with the weather... I'm feeling partly cloudy myself.

Dad and Faith are off to Universal Studios in Orlando. She's having a ball, and so is dad. I'm ready for her to be home. Maybe her bright little self can throw me into the x-mas spirit.

I got the lights on my tree... and that's probablly as dressed as it will get (with the exception of the ornament that mom gave Ava for 1st Christmas). I just dont have the will-power to make myself decorate a tree this year. It sounds terrible, but I really don't feel too bad about it. I'm a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

Tracey- Haven't heard from ya girlie. I should email, but I'm a slacker. Just know I'm thinking about ya!!

Berrymom- I am right on the same page with you about the griping that goes on with those other boards! Sheish- Some people, ey? How are you feeling (other than ready!!). Did any of your other little ones come early- hehe?

Konetta- if you move to Utah, then I'm coming too doggone it!! What was it I said about us being friends today for over 10 years? That my other buds flake on me?! Not that you'd be flaking, but you cant leave me! Haha- You must come visit if you are going away though!


Soaps Not Used for Bathing

I have managed to avoid getting caught in the trap of soap operas for almost 28 years. But eventually, they will suck you in. And there's nothing you can do about it!

My grandmother always watched the Young and the Restless when I was growing up. My cousins and I would go outside, or sit around and play with toys while she caught up on her soaps. My younger cousin Amanda would sometimes watch Y&R with grandmother, but I would have much rather played in a tree or in the sandbox or polished silver- anything!

My mom would make time each summer when she was out of work to watch the soaps... and by the time she caught up with each of them it was time for her to go back to school. Now that she's retired, she gets in her hour of the Y&R daily. Before Jef became happily unemployed I would go visit her everyday (she's within walking distance for those who didn't know) and we'd watch Food Network until 12:30- then it was time for Y&R.

So now that Jef is home we've wandered into the land of Y&R. It started as a joke- we always say the name "Jack Abbot" like Forrest Gump would have said it (Jaak-Abuuut!). We have a whole routine set up with just the name Jack Abbot! It's too much to try to explain here, but it's like 2 drunken sounding Forrest Gumps saying "Jaak-Abbuuut" and "Jabot" (Juhh-Bow) and then laughing like heyenas. Faith thinks we've lost our minds when we do this.

The worst part about all of this is that I cant remember all the characters names yet. I know Jack and Victor- they're easy. Then there's Jack's dead father (Mr. Abbot?) and his wife Gloria. Someone killed a lady named Carmen, but I dont remember Carmen. They think it's the little deaf guy, but his name escapes me. Then there is the pregnant lady- I just call her blonde pregnant girl or Jef's eye-candy (he thinks she's hot). There's a professor (Korbel) who's about to get his butt into trouble with that young whiney girl who is his student. She told the deaf guys sister she kissed him. And now flat-haired blonde bimbo chick is courting Professor Korbel and whiney girl is jealous, even though she has a cute blonde boyfriend at home. Cute blonde boyfriend is a P.I. with older cute blonde guy. They did work with Michael, the attorney for deaf guy. Michael is married to psycho lady who has a new little baby. She's all freaked out and cant leave the house for some reason.

And if any of the above made perfect sense to you... then welcome to the world of Y&R addiction!


I've not fallen off the end of the earth...

Not yet anyways! I've been keeping busy around here with a spoiled rotten cutie (that's Jef, not Ava- hehe!). Christmas time is coming... and I'm trying to make it's appearance as slow as possible.

I'm just not in the holiday spirit. I can't think of a single thing I want or need, and neither can Jef. He's still unemployed so we're not having a big shebang (we weren't going to have a big x-mas anyway). It just doesn't feel like it should be this time of year. Where has the time gone?

I did manage to put the tree up- our "Charlie Brown" tree. I've had this poor thing for 10 years, and although it's pretty, it's kinda showing its age. But then again, so am I!

Well, in Faith's world... She's improving already in her reading and comprehension! The teacher said she'd caught up about a year's worth of school time, and was now only 6 months behind. By the end of the year she should be at (or above) grade level.

Jef keeps having job offers roll in, but he isn't ready to commit yet. He so doesn't want to be a car guy any more. I can't blame him. I guess that will just have to pan out in time.

Ava is the boobie-princess. We occassionally give her a few ounces of formula for times when I have't pumped a bottle or if we go out for a few drinks. I suppose I should say we "try" to give her formula... she has been spitting it out lately. Only the good stuff for Miss Ava! And the little devil has learned to smile as she is eating now. That will just totally steal your heart and make you laugh! She was comfort nursing this afternoon, just eating a little, playing, holding my fingers... and she looked up at me, laughed and grinned with a mouth full of boob, and then resumed her meal. What a girl!

Jef's daughter, Paige, is coming buy tonite before her trip to Argentina. She went to school down there for a few years, found her a boyfriend, and is heading off to that side of the world for her holidays. Jef doesn't like Niko her boyfriend. Actually, neither do I! He's cocky, needy, and a bit of a liar. But Paige is smitten, so asi es la vida (such is life).

Guess that about catches things up for now.... Thanks for all those of ya who checked in on me!


Another day~

Jef went to the dentist yesterday, and much to our surprise he had to have a crown on one of his teeth. It had been hurting him a while, but he wasn't expecting this. Well- today the dentist calls and has an opening for today so he goes in and gets set up for the crown. In a few weeks he will have his new perm tooth and be all O-TAY! It's a tooth way in the back, so you cant tell it's even different. His jaw is hurting, and he's snoozing it off on the sofa. He wouldn't take an Rx for pain either. I think he regrets that now, but that's my tuff guy!

Faith's conference came out well today! Her teacher could see marked improvement over the past few weeks and was pleased with her as a student in general. Faith's 1st grade teacher dropped the ball on phonics, and what reading Faith does is from basic phonic skills or memorization. They all agree that she's one smart cookie to have gotten this far on memory alone. She's excitied about reading again, and to me that's all that matters.

Ava has been asleep since 5pm. It's now 8:56pm! She didn't nap until then, but I am about to go wake the booger up. She loves to fight sleep... Which makes her like sister and mom! Bless her little heart- hehe!

I am considering (again) taking massage school classes. I almost signed up the month I got preggo with Ava (OMG- almost a year ago now) but I just didn't. I want to do something that I can have some pull over my schedule with, and I think that massage would be it. I can also get into healing touch and other "arts" like my great pal Konetta! I would croak without that woman! She just rocks! She does a healing touch, reflexology, massage, etc. session for me about once a month, and it just does wonders for me. I want to be that person helping others to heal... I am such a care taker/worry-wart after all... it would be so me. I guess that is up to the stars for now!


We didn't go... :-(

We never made it to St. Augustine. Blame it on the rain, but it just wasn't the day. I was so bummed out for the weekend, but felt a little better by Monday. There are so many babies due on NW and so many good vibes from all my pals, how could I stay down for long?!

How bout a new Ava pic to cheer us all up, huh? Ok, I feel betta already!

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We feel better? No.... Now?....

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C'mon- her Mommy is a Rock Star- I feel better!

Of course, I bought the onesie... So I guess I should feel pretty good!

Tomorrow morning is Faith's student/parent/teacher/principal council meeting. She's having a heck of a time reading, and they've called a conference to "help" her. Her grades have been falling gradually since 1st grade, and now (that they must pass the 3rd grade CRCT Test) they are concerned. We have a tutor, I go over the phonetics of reading daily, and now this. I hate to sound cynical, but is this what I get for marrying a D.A. (that doesnt stand for "Darling Angel" either) for Faith's so-called father?

For those who don't know: When I was 18 I got pregnant with Faith, married her "father" and divorced him almost 5 years later. He was a doofus... he could barely read at a 9th grade level (didnt know THAT when I was dating him). Now, after getting remarried to my hero, and the man of my dreams who took Faith in as his own, I am left with the aftermath of a child who is falling behind in school.

Can't say all this is genetic- I think she had crappy teachers in 1st and 2nd grade. Now that she's in 3rd, we're playing "ketchup" (better that mustard she says). Ironically enough its with a girl I went to school with in high school! Heather is a sweetie. Too sweet, in fact. She was a cheerleader, yearbook editor (beat yours truly) and an all around goodie-goodie. Sigh- And now she's the one who I am relying on to bring Faith up to speed. Life is full of Tom-Foolery, huh?!

My youngest calls, so I must dash...