My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Bad weather thats not so bad

In this part of Georgia ice storms are just a part of life. We usually get only one per winter, but when they blow thru they tend to be brutal. We're still pretty rural, so we can always expect power to be out for days. The last storm that came thru left us without power for almost a week. This morning we were expecting the roads to ice over and have some nasty weather, but other than a little bit of icing on bridges and overpasses, there's nothing here to speak of (unless you count the icecycles on jef's VW bus).

Jef also has a Porsche 928. I know, what a spoiled little hubby! The windshield got busted a long while back, and since he doesnt drive it much we've let it sit. Plus, we have a running joke about it being a very expensive paperweight-- it always seems to have something wrong with it, and doesnt make it out of the driveway much. It's such a fickle car that someone once described it as being like "having a pregnant wife and a pregnant girlfriend at the same time, and both of them are bitching at you".

Long story short, Jef has decided to sell it. He's had his fun, it still has a payment attached, and it hasnt been driven in months. So, considering Porsche windshields are $1200+, we called our insurance company and they hooked us up for $250! Tonite, we clean it out, and goodbye paperweight!

Well, that's about all the news that is news for now.


singletracey said...

Morning! Sounds like you all are cleaning house and getting rid of the excess.. bet it feels good!

Hope you have a happy and ice free day my friend!

Berrymomnw said...

Where are you!! Miss you