My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Summer Snow

No- Not the white kind! The yellow kind. (No not THAT kind of yellow snow!).

This time of year I wanna be a bee... so I can be in bee Nirvana (that sounds poem-ish):

Our asphalt driveway is supposed to be jet black (well 1/2 was repaved recently)... those 12 pine trees in the front, acres of grass, and all kinds of other trees make sure that it's not. And the pic of my grill is self explanatory.

Ok- no more bitching about pollen. For now!

I totally reorganized my blog yesterday- as you can see. I didn't intend to do it, but I got rolling and wha-laa. In my nervous energy escapade, I went to the bank yesterday and was going to go bra shopping afterwards, but Ava had other plans. Food was her other plan, then a nap. Then Y&R was on... then I got to playing with the blog and I chatted Tracey up online for a while. I cooked a TON of food as all the other was going on. You'd think I was nesting.

Speaking of things baby-related... I'm on day 7, or is it 8, of my period. I started late last Friday nite-Sat am. It's been AWFUL this time, as well as last month (by month I mean 35+ days before). I cant stand being under AF's rule for 3 or 4 days... let alone 7+. It's like middle school all over again- except I didn't start while wearing white pants and walk into the lunchroom full of people AND then my DAD had to come pick me up because mom was too busy. Grrr!

Faith was full of herself this morning. She was cold, but wouldn't put on a jacket. She just sat in the dark in her bathroom on the potty and whined. I told her to start marching while her tush was still able. She eventually got moving, and her mood improved. Of course I had to threaten her with the "if you want to go with pops to the Okefenokee Swamp next week you'd better get it in gear, sister!". Only my child would want to spend part of Spring Break in the SWAMP with her grandpa. She wants to see an alligator... I told her we had those at the zoo. She countered with "but that's not their natural habitat... I want to experience them in the wild". How do I argue with that logic? It's hard to remember she is only 9 sometimes.

I swear Ava has an egg timer in her bed. I can lay her down and she will wake up 30 minutes later, almost to the minute. The little devil... She's learned to screech this week. She sounds like a pterodactyl. A very mad pterodactyl! But she grins the whole time, so I guess she's getting her giggles out of it.

Jef's daughter Paige turns 21 on April Fools Day. We're taking her out to dinner at Dead Lobster (ha!) tomorrow night. If I follow the pattern we have of spaces between kids, then I might be able to convince Jef around the year 2017 that we need to add to our collection of girls. That would make me 37 and him 56. I think that perhaps we shouldn't wait so long.

(And Jeffie I know you are reading this going ARRRRGH like a pterodactyl... you think we have enough and you give me the 'maybe' answer just to keep me happy, blahblahblah... but I will still continue to harass you, even if for my own pleasure :-D ... I'm a little wicked like that, but that's why you love me).


Berrymomnw said...

More babies the better I say!!!But of course I'm done 4 is my limit!

meg said...

Hey what messenger system are you and Tracey on... would love to chit chat with you guys sometime!

Milk Maid said...

Hey meg- we're on yahoo... it's aradia7dragon at yahoo dot com! Chat me up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for more babies!! Let me know when you persuade Jef and let me know what worked. I'm still working on Matt =)