My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


In With The New!

Does it look a little different in the Milk Maid's world? Did you think to yourself, "Holy Crap! Where am I?". Not to fear... I just got the itch to rearrange.

I am not blogging right now. No, you see words and you know I must have typed them sometime, but it's all a trick. I am really cleaning out a closet and putting in a new shelf right now. At least that's what I should be doing. The stuff from the closet is out and the new shelf is in. And since there is a computer in the room where I am working on the closet project, well I got distracted. Shhh- don't tell.

Nothing much new today. I still have the cold. My mouth is itchy today which totally weirds me out. I think it's from all the nice sinus drainage.

I'm going to have to buy my trophy husband (yes you are!) some new pants. It seems when you go on a diet and actually eat GOOD stuff all the time then your pants will fall off. I am in no danger of that happening to me any time soon.

Jef and I helped his brother buy a 1979 Jeep somethingerother about 4 years ago. After Ronny passed away Jef asked his sister and dad if he could have it back. So, in our drive is the ol Jeep-Jeep! Yay!! And with Ronny being Ronny, it's jacked up, got stiff shocks, no a/c. It needs a few things to get it to where he wanted it to be and we're gonna fix it up like he would have wanted. We're choosing paint colors now, looking for mirrors, all that jazz. Jef has driven it the past few days. I keep telling him how hot he looks driving that thing. And not because of lack of a/c.

Speaking of a/c... Supermom did you ever get any coolness?!

And Sassy T... you must be one busy little bee. I haven't seen you buzzing around lately! Miss ya chickie. I know, email works both ways right?!

To the rest of my gang member homies... My return to karate class will be tomorrow nite. Wish me luck. It's hard to beat someone to a bloody pulp when you are so sore you can't move.

B- Working on that nickname!

--The Milk Maid is buy one, get one free today


B said...

Hmm..good colors on you I think. Congrats to your trophy husband on the weight loss. I better quit with all the Jef talk, or you'll think i'm hitting on him. I'm not, I promise..that penis shaped ship sailed away many years ago! : )

Good luck in the karate class..I hope it's not so hard for you to get back into the swing kick of things.

Supermom said...

Looks good. No the AC has not magically arrived, but it is cooler here.

Deena said...

I Like!
That's kind of nice that Jef can drive the jeep again, I am sure in some sort of way it makes him feel closer to his bro...
Good luck at karate. Chop somebody for me, will ya?

Milk Maid said...

B- You aren't sailing that penis shaped ship in MY tub are you? What's with the mental images?!

singletracey said...

MISS YOU TOO!! I have been in and out... My boss is on vacation! LOL

I LOVE the new blog layout.. it is PERRRTTTTYYYY!

Have fun in karate... I am feeling inspired to get out and do something!!

Anonymous said...

I like the new. As B said, it looks good on you. Congrats to Jef on losing some weight. Kinda wish my pants would start getting baggy, but my loss has been SLOW going. Good luck with the return to karate. Hope it's fun!

Marcy "meg" said...

I like the new look too! And.....Kris would be sooooo jealous about the jeep! Let us know when you wanna get rid of it. Is it a wrangler???

B said...

Aradia, before I answer that big is your tub?