My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Blog Drought

Subjects are a little few and far between as of late gang, so I am recruiting your help.

You- in your office reading blogs instead of working- I need you! Hey you- over there in the corner- come on! Even the person with dark curly hair making faces at me, even YOU have to help out (especially since you harassed me about not blogging).

So, is there a topic you think the Milk Maid should cover? A blog or two the Milk Maid should pick or pan? Is there a product you've always wanted to try, but were just too afraid to make the leap? Is there a burning question you just have to get the answer to? Comments, jokes, pointers?....


Email me with your "gotta have it":, subject line: Gotta Have It.

The future of Milk-Induced Coma is in your hands!
(Ok, not really, but damn y'all- help a sista out, ok?)

--The Milk Maid says c'mon, c'mon, c'mon now touch me babe!


Michell said...

No ideas really. Just saying Hi.

jennifer said...

I was thinking of doing this very thing. I'm tapped out hmm, what to talk about?

How about what you thought about motherhood before you had kids and motherhood afterwards?

How about the WORST baby gift ever? Or the best? Or the most useless?

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

physics. definitely need to blog about physics. or the relationship between physics and god. yea. that'll do it. ;)

Marcy "meg" said...

hmmm... I am a horrible idea person... but how about your favorite things list... or how about your favorite date with Jef....

B said...

You've got stuff in that head of yours, you're just busy doing other stuff. I'll be here waiting for your posts, but I WONT be patient!! hmph!

The Mother Hen said...

I agree with B, I know it's in there, you are just preoccupied. If you can't think of anything, how can you expect the rest of us to come up with clever topics when you are the goddess of blogs.

Becky said...

You're hott.

babybound said...

Well duh....its time for the Milk Maid to discover the fountain of youth, define the meaning of life, pin point the exact location of where the sky purchases its blue, and write God about gettin BabyBound a lil baby. DUH!!