My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Gots The Monday Lurve!

Mother's day is fast approaching... Is this mother's ring right for your mom?

I'm having a a great Monday gang! No reason in particular for all my happy-vibes, I guess this is just what the world looks like without the haze of depression.

Jef and I had a lovely weekend- He worked Saturday, but we managed a lot of together time, some great music and a little drink on Saturday night, and a whole day spent together relaxing and having some fun on Sunday.

Ava has a new love for lotion (wo-chin). If she sees any wo-chin around the house, she starts jumping up and down. I will put a little drop in her hands and she rubs them together or will yank her shirt up and slather up the old belly.

Faith got a mini-fridge for her room, complements of my dad. Faith is notorious for leaving cups and food in her room, so I implemented a system where she has to "check out" anything that is going into her fridge. Two drink packs up should equal two pieces of trash back down... I hope my system works. But of course if it doesn't then I guess I will have a little fridge just for me!

School continues to go well- I'm loving the scrubs, I mean how freakin great is it to not have to tuck in a shirt AND have an adjustable waist band. I should have thought that out better many moons ago and saved me a lot of uncomfortable trouble.

Ok, so here's my "thought for the day"... I'm looking for your opinions here gang, so tell me what you think:

I have the Summer quarter of school left after this quarter and I am trying to decide where to "go" post graduation. Originally, I had been thinking of returning to school to get my LPN. I've had a few discussions with people who have pointed out the obvious fact that I would make about as much as an LPN (with 2 years of school) as I would as a phlebotomist (with 9 months of school). I'd also have more responsibility as an LPN. So, considering the other courses that are offered, where I want to be a few years from now, and the salary aspect of it all I have narrowed down my future schooling options to the following fields of study: Radiology Tech, U/S Tech, Lab Tech, or Surgery Tech.

Thoughts anyone? Personal Experiences? Of course I want to fit in having a kid somewhere in all this grand scheme, so that's another piece of the puzzle to work into the master plan.

--The Milk Maid says burnin' it at both ends my peeps!


B said...

I had A & P with a chic who was going to be a surgery tech. She loved it, and I hear the money is great. Just my .02! Of course, I'm thinking of switching to x ray it would be fun to do that at the same time as you.

chris said...

Take your schooling as far as you can because it will be even more difficult later. It's really tough balancing family and school but it can be done. I've done it and I am glad I did. Just make sure that the time set for the family is only for the family and not divided into family plus a little time for studying...

Most of my students at the college are on the same boat as you are. I tell them that if they stick with their education long enough, they will not regret it.

The Mother Hen said...

Ha! wo-shin. Ethan loves the purell I pump out after each diaper change. He likes to rub my hand and then rub his together, I think he likes the cold tingle.

Aunt Becky said...

Go for surgery tech. Trust me, the demand is great. LPN's are fine if you want to work in a nursing home, but otherwise, you'll end up as a sort of CNA.

Email me if you want to talk.

Michell said...

I hadn't thought about the pay thing with LPN. I did make about the same amount of money as an LPN as I did as a phlebotomist. I don't know too much about most of the careers you mentioned. I do know that the lab tech is cool if your not big on patient contact, you just deal with the blood testing stuff. Here's another couple of thoughts though. Ultra sound tech, I've heard they make fantastic money. Respiratory therapists make good money if you don't mind the goo. Another one is invasive cardio vascular tech although I've heard that the programs aren't very plentiful to do this. They help with cardiac caths and pacemakers etc. Good luck with whatever you decide.

RainbowMomma said...

Just dropping in to catch up and say hi. No advice for the career path, but I have 2 friends who went through surgery tech school together and one LOVES it and the other went back to waitressing for more money. (LOL!)

My daughter hates and has ALWAYS hated wo-shin!

RainbowMomma said...

I forgot to add that as the mother of a 9 year old girl, I am half laughing and half crying! (At the shoes post.)

Smoochie said...

Michell hit the nail on the head! We are both RNs so we have hospital experience. I completely think they should phase-out LPN schools since they no longer use them in most hospitals. You would really be used as a butt-wiper, but a higher pay grade. If you want nursing, go for the RN. But RT, Surg Tech, Ultrasound Tech, and Rad Tech are great job options. They all require pretty much equal schooling to RNs.

Anonymous said...

I can't honestly say I have any sort of advice or experience in the areas of doctor stuff, but I CAN say....keep those scrubs away from B. That crazy bitch will wear nothing but scrubs!!

twondra said...

I don't have any advice on the career thing...sorry. It sounds like others have great suggestions. :)

Love the woo-chin. Too cute. :)

Marcy "meg" said...

Michell had a good point with the ultrasound tech. They do make great money and they are usually in high demand! Good luck in whatever you decide!