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I See Dead People....

I finally watched The Sixth Sense a while back, and I guessed the "surprise" before the end of the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, I'm not ruining it for you. But, I guessed it. Just like I guessed the whole plot of The Others after about 5 minutes, any M. Night Shamalayn movie (like The Village), or any Dean Koontz book. It's a talent, I suppose.

But what about real ghosts or spirits or entities, whatever they prefer to be called these days (they are on the politically correct bandwagon too, I'm almost certain). Does anyone besides me believe in them? I'm sure there's a good portion of people who cheer for one side or another on that argument. We wont debate their existence today. However I will relate a brief story to you about ghosties.

Yesterday I was painting Faith's bathroom upstairs. We have a hallway/catwalk deal that is open to the living room and goes from Paige's old room to my office (and then into Faith's room). Jef and I have both seen something walk across up there. We're very used to it, in fact. We think Faith is standing up there and we just start chatting and look up to see no one.

So, when something moved across the opening of the doorway in the upstairs , I wasn't all that alarmed. The more I painted though, the more I felt that creepy sensation that something was watching me.

Now, I'll stop and say that Yes, I believe in ghosts. I've seen a lot of weird things in my life that I couldn't explain any other way than them being what I would call a ghost. 99% of these things don't frighten me. That stems from being a kid who saw a lot of things that adults around me just didn't see and hearing things that other people didn't hear. I learned to ignore it for the most part, with a random exception here and there.

Ok, back to the story. When I continued to feel the presence of whatever was making itself known, I didn't like it one little bit. In short, it scared the crap out of me. I finished painting what little there was, then hurriedly washed the roller off in the tub. I halfway did a decent job, and practically ran down the stairs to the front porch. I immediately texted Jef and told him.

Poor Jef used to think I was off my rocker until he started seeing stuff too. He was like, "Go to your mom's house". I did.

I'm still kinda weary of going back up there now. I know, I'm such a chicken! It's not like were in an old house or anything- I built this house 7 years ago. The land has been in my family for over 100 years though, and there's no telling what was here before us. It just really makes me wonder.... And hope my new "pal" goes away. Soon!


meg said...

Oh how scary!!!! Can I ask who Paige is?

Berrymomnw said...

Creepy! I got goose bumps reading that.

Michelle said...

Your along in your beliefs. I believe in spirits and I believe they do exsist if they havent went into the light yet.
That was creepy!!

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in ghosts, spirits, etc. and have felt various presences in my life before. But none that were scary! Hope your houseguest leaves soon!