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The "How's Jef?" Blog

(If you've missed it, Jef has impaired renal function... meaning his kidneys aren't working properly, meaning kidney disease. His creatinine levels were 6.7 on his 1st doc visit, and 4.8 later on. Normal is 1.5-2. They will do dialysis at around 10, with kidney transplants after that. Hopefully, we wont get to that any time soon. His bp has been high- as high as 240/190, but is now close to where they want him to be at 125/70. This is probably not something he will ever get rid of, but were working together to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as possible with a low, low sodium diet, low fat, low cholesterol, low protein, very small amounts of red meat diet!)

Thanks to everyone who asked how my Big J is doing... Let's break it down:

Jef hasn't had a creatinine level recheck yet. He goes back August 2nd for more blood tests (and I am due for a nervous breakdown sometime that afternoon, I'm certain- I always fall apart blood draw days).

He recently had a bout with gout. Gout is somethingerother where your joints swell or something- I dunno I kinda just kept thinking about gout being something my 80 year old uncle got and couldn't keep my mind on Jef long enough for the textbook description of it. Jef's ankles and feet swelled up to Polish Sausage proportions, I freaked (noo, not me!) thinking it was because of loss of function in his kidneys. He got some meds* and is better now.

*Ok- these meds they gave him for gout came with a warning from the lady doc (the one I like and can tolerate, usually) to "not take these at work until you know how you will react". Jef was confused, what reaction will I have?... he pondered. The lady doc said they make you poop. A lot. Uncontrollably. Jef now understands what it's like to no longer have a gaul bladder (my g.b. is long gone!).

Jef's waist size before all this: 42
Jef's weight before all this: 238
Jef's waist size now: 34
Jef's weight now: 204
My level of disgust at someone losing weight so darn easily: 10
My proudness meter at my babe doing so great: Off the charts

He had a long conversation with lady doc about "The Biopsy". She said it was just one way to narrow down treatment options (but didn't she also say there were no treatment options except diet management, hummmm!). Yes it was invasive, but she's had people never even know they've had it done. She wouldn't make him have it, they could work around with other methods. So, as of right now, I am still winning the F-CK NO YOU WON'T HAVE A BIOPSY argument. I've heard too many horror stories. Period. Nope. If they can work around it (and pay for their Mercedes another way!!) then no hole poking. Jef thinks I am a total freak about all that, but- well maybe I am. I have one of those gut feelings that screams NOOOO! whenever I think about it. It's a feeling like the night I made my mother put on her seat belt and 5 minutes later we had a car accident that would have killed us if we'd not been wearing those seat belts. Or like the time I told my mother not to drive during that thunderstorm, something bad was in the air, and we almost got sucked into a tornado and crushed by a falling oak tree. Who can argue that logic? Besides YOU Jef.

That's all the news that is news for now... Of course I will update as we learn more! Thanks for checking on my bades everyone!

--The Milk Maid isn't psychic, she just plays one on TV


Michell said...

Glad to hear that Jef is doing pretty good with all this. Yes I am sure this must be really scary. I can't imagine dealing with something like that. And I agree with you about the biopsy. Unless they need to do it to treat him, I would be inclined not to have it done. What purpose will it serve other than to show maybe what caused this and how severe the damage. Hang in there.

kittenroar5 said...

Poor Jef. And the biospy sounds scary. I'd wait too. :(

Milk Maid said...

They know uncontrolled high bp caused it- there is no visible damage to the kidney thru u/s or any of the other tests they have done. In fact, they have no explination as to the WHY part... Which really reaffirms my faith in medicine (she mumbled sarcastically).

Milk Maid said...

Er- not the why it is high part, but they why there is no visible damage yet there is a high creatinine level part. They know HOW it got that way, but not WHY it shows with no other signs, symptoms, or indications. Does that make sense Michell?

Marcy "meg" said...

Thanks for the update A. It sounds like he is doing a bit better... thank goodness he has an awesome nurse there helping!

B said...

Okay, I knew that big J wasn't feeling his best..but holy hell, I didn't know it was this scary! Kudos to J on his positive eating/lifestyle changes. So glad that it seems to be making a difference.
You both have a lot on your shoulders right now, but sounds like you two can do anything, as long as you're together.
Big J, keep your chin up...Aradia..keep your eyes on him, and the knives AWAY! I believe in going with your gut..there has to be a reason you feel bad about it.

Michell said...

The only thing I can think of Aradia is that basically high blood pressure causes damage to the very small capillaries of which there are many in the kidneys. I don't know how much the damage would show up on ultrasound so possibly the biopsy would be to look at how extensive the damage is. The only other thing is he had uncontrolled high bp, do they know what caused the high bp? Sometimes kidney problems will cause elevated bp so maybe they want to look for some cause. It's sort of a catch 22. For anything else I would have to get out my 25 pound text book and look it up. If you have any questions that I may be able to answer though I would be happy to.

Milk Maid said...

High bp runs in the family... Thanks for all your help Michell!

Deena said...

Glad to hear Jef's health has improved. Sounds like you are doing a great job at preparing healthy foods! What a good wife you are.
My hubby suffers from Gout as well. He says it's very painful. Luckily the medicine does really help.