My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Another Weird Dream

Setting: Local supermarket

General Gist of Dream: Sex

The Low-Down: Pushing my cart thru the local P*blix I spy a rather handsome man at the end of a long isle near the produce department. I immediately rip my clothes off, the random man runs towards me (who looks a little bit like Joshua Morrow from Y&R) and we jump nude into a pile of lettuce.

I ponder: Does this mean I need to have more sex, or should I add healthier food to my diet? Should I even attempt to make a tuna salad joke in my blog?

--The Milk Maid said at least is isn't Mario Batalli


Michell said...

I've been having some wild dreams again lately although mine unfortunately are tending more towards the murder and mayhem theme. Sex on lettuce sounds nice.

B said...

Can you get salmonella on your naughty bits? Or, was this lettuce washed?

Marcy "meg" said...

ha ha... sex on the lettuce. Love it!

Milk Maid said...

B- the lettuce was kind of like that prewashed and bagged stuff with spinach and all that fancy junk. Gosh, safe sex just got so much more difficult.

B said...

Hmm, so there was a VARIETY of lettuce? I wonder what the dream is telling you? Variety you say?

kittenroar5 said...

Make the tuna joke! Do it, do it! I think you are just beyond perverted! It's a good thing!

twondra said...

You have awesome dreams! Man, I wish I had some like that! :) Go milk maid!