My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


I'll Take Peter, Paul, And Mary Songs For $500 Alex!

I'm leaving on a jet plane! No, really!!

A couple of weeks ago- after shutting down their blogs without TELLING me first, giving me a heart attack, making me has a sad, and then bribing me to stop whining- my pals B&K hatched a glorious scheme.

"Come to Houston, Milk Maid!" they echoed in happy harmony.

So, me being the clingy, needy wife that I am- who would never, ever leave her hubby for a long weekend trip to a city far, far away- promptly fooled all the doubters (B included) and booked a ticket to H-ton. Yes, really. Really, really.

So, for the past week or more, every single day (occasionally multiple times) my phone will ring or my email will bleep with the same question: Are you still coming?

Of course the answer is and always has been: Are you still sure you want me?

--The Milk Maid says kiss me and smile for me!

(Does colon cleanser work on commas?)


B said...

So you are still coming..right? We are going to have OOOODLES of fun. There will be mandatory Priscilla Queen of The Desert watching, so be prepared. We will watch it in your room so that K doesn't get irritated when I laugh REALLY loud. YAY YAY YAY, my bff MM is coming to sees me!!!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Oh MM, I want to come with! I love you and B! It would be a blast!

Have a great time, girl! Tell B that I miss her.

Deena said...

Leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again!
Maters for you girl! Can't wait to see ya! Oh the plans they have for you!
Can't wait LLS!
BTW, how was the gimlet?

Michell said...

Have fun.

twondra said...

Hope you have a good time!!

RaJen said...

completely and apparently out of the fun loop y'all have going, but i hope it is all a BLAST! You are welcome to stop by and visit the RJBs if there is a spare moment at hand.

Marcy "meg" said...

Oh you guys will have a blast!!! Enjoy!

babybound said...

And o boy DID you go. And I know you're still recovering aren't ya? Heeheehee