My boobs were my tools of the trade for almost 20 months.

Once my youngest daughter weaned herself from the Magical Boob Juice, the fun really began!

(And by fun we all know I mean chaos!)

Pull up a chair, sit a while, read a few pages.

Keep and open mind and a joyful heart and you too can get pumped into the world of The Milk Maid.


Mishy-Mashy Friday

It's 9am and I am already exhausted. I guess it's the weather- we are getting remnants of Humberto and everything is foggy and groggy.

Tomorrow Big J and I load up for the traveling tattoo show. There is a chili cookoff and car show and we are setting up a little booth for airbrush tattoos. I have worked on the posters for displaying the stencils for days and it's finally done. So much detail work, so little patience. Hopefully we wont get rained out!! I found out this morning they have been announcing this event over the radio AND mentioning our temp-tats! Wooohoooo!

RNPC weigh-in: 188... I found a few of those lost pounds. That makes me +2 from last week, but -3 total. That's life, ay? I did do a little time with the karate kick-bag, so I made an effort! Yay me!

Because my little sweet pee-wee Ava will be one in 5 days and I never got to blog her nursery and all that jazz (and I am finally getting pics framed AND hung up, well some are hung) here are some pictures for your pleasure!

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The portraits on the right and left were done when Ava was only 9 days old. She still had her belly button cord stump! At the session we got peed and pooped on multiple times... but, the end result was FAB! The middle pic (which is in better detail below) is called "Awaiting Ava".

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"Awaiting Ava"--- Jef was just welled up with tears thru my whole maternity photo shoot. He said he'd never seen me more beautiful than when I was pregnant, and especially that day (except maybe when we got married, but it was a close call there). The look on his face in that picture says it all... Sigh... I get the warm fuzzies from that one everytime I walk into Ava's room. (And no, I don't have 4 hands in the first pic... 2 of those belong to Jef!).

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Another maternity session pic... I have a frame, but it hasn't made it in there yet. What you dont see is Faith behind be holding my drape (the infamous "sheet"- more on that in another blog) and a fan in front of me blowing a tiny hair in my face that was tickling me to no end.

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This is Ava's willow tree. I did the whole nursery by myself- I painted everything, picked crown moulding (ok Jef used the saw to cut it and helped me nail it up), I got all the bedding and accessories, decorated it, etc etc. The willow tree is not a handpainted mural (I wish!), it's a thing called "tatouage" that is basically 50 sheets of tree that you put against the wall one by one and rub on- like a transfer- with a popcycle stick. It took me 8 hours to complete (it's over 7 feet tall), but it's perfect! And if I ever move that wall is going with me. We bought the tree before we got married... we knew it would go in our baby's nursery one day.

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Ava (9 days old) and mommy. It's hard to remember her being that small (and her hair being chocolately brown!).

That's it for now... this coming week will be Ava Theme Week!


journey of two FL mommies said...

i LOVE Those pictures!!!! beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!! thank you for sharing :)


Michelle said...

I love the pictures. You really do look beautiful with a growing belly. I hope to take on that look someday, hopefully soon. Thanks for sharing A.

Marcy "meg" said...

I love the pic's! I would love to see more pic's of her room!!!

Pretty soon you will be adding more pic's of your growing belly again!

I love forward to AVA week!!!

Good luck at the TAT thingy this weekend!!!

Supermom said...

I love those photos! Can't wait for you to do them again!

twondra said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are just beautiful! Wow! You can see how much in love you guys are with each other and your baby. I can't believe Ava will be 1! Wow!! Happy early birthday to Ava!!
Oh, and I'd help with the next diaper, but darn it, I lost the directions to your house. Darn the luck anyhow. I guess things happen for a reason. :) (((HUGS)))

B said...

Beautiful pics..time for a new set eh? I'm glad your surge has finally arrived. I think you were starting to think your junk was broken. : )

Milk Maid said...

Haha- I was thinking the junk was broken... luckily it's just slow junk!

Lora said...

OMG, I LOVE these pictures!! Did you have someone do them for you? They're absolutely priceless. I regret not doing any of those when I was pg with Liam and then of him in his early days. We took pics, but nothing like this! :)

Milk Maid said...

Lora- Yes we had a pro-photographer do these for us. I WISH I had that kind of talent (I did go buy a camera like hers though- gulp). I know quite a few ladies I could lend my services to for pics :D

I only had a few made of me and Faith after she was born, so I regret not having more too!

B said...

Hmm, when K gets knocked up we may need to pay your airfare down so that you can take some photos for us. I'll get you tipsy..fair exchange?

B said...

P.S. Good luck at the tat show. We may need to get Jef to workin on my pin up girl..only 19 lbs to go! : )

Milk Maid said...

Tipsy and airfare?... Hell I'm in!

Jef said he will start on a pinup for you... he is SLOW, but he's dang good. I'll have to grab up some of his drawings and post them... he'd probably ShEEot!

Deena said...

Good luck at the show, i hope your booth is a hit!
I can't believe Ava is going to be one!

A~ all of the pictures are so beautiful! Unbelievable, what a wonderful idea!!!!

Michell said...

Oh my God. Those pics are amazing. I love the one of Jef with his head on your belly. And the ones of her at 9 days old. That's a great idea. I may have to try that someday. The tree on the wall is pretty cool too.

Michell said...

Oh and good luck at the show. That sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pregnancy pics, and yours are just stunning! I didn't have any done professionally, just Matt & me and an older digital camera, but it was fun to capture that time in my life. I want to see pics of your belly cast too =) It's so weird to think that a year ago today we were eagerly anticipating Ava's arrival, hoping it would be any day (which it was!). Now she's walking and talking and getting so big. *sigh* Have fun at the show!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what have you decided about Ava's party? Did I miss that post?

amy said...

those pictures are absolutely beautiful :) i wish i had gotten profesional pictures of caleb when he was still so tiny :(

kittenroar5 said...

I so love the pics! You are gorgeous!

And I totally want that tree. So, here's the deal. I get preggo, you come and help with the tree, and I'll buy you alcohol and indian food.